Lighting aims to make your surrounding better and give you aesthetic and classy looks be it indoor or outdoors. They tend to provide the feeling of warmth by making your indoors or outdoors artistically appealing. Vox is the leading name that presents you with different lights and ideas associated with them. Vox has a specialized team that delivers fast and accurate performance. Landscape lighting refers to lights' usage to decorate your indoor or outdoor areas for decorations and security purposes. They enable you to decorate your garden or public places


Provides security
helps you to find a way
Create a comfortable and healthy environment
Speaks volume about your home
Helps you in beautiful outdoor views
Makes your place appealing and aesthetic.


You can use landscape lighting in different directions. You can use them to decorate your pond area. Moreover, you can utilize them for outdoor and spotlighting as well. Landscape lights also tend to decorate your sports area and uplift different grounds as well. Others way to use landscape lights in-deck lights, well lights, step lights, hardscape lights, and lighting the paths and various areas. So, landscape lighting is the perfect way to start your morning or enjoy cosy weather at night. They create evident environments and make them feel fresh and relaxed.


Landscape lighting is somehow a critical factor and has different approaches. One of the methods is uplighting. It is usually done when you want to enlighten trees or more significant structures. Another technique is Silhouetting. In this, the light is placed behind the item, and you can attain this technique with well or spotlights. Another method is shadowing. It produces relaxing and warm effects, and for achieving this, you have to place the object between lights. Some other methods are moonlighting, grazing, and washing.


So, landscape lighting is one of the ideal ways to enlighten your surroundings. With Vox you can achieve the maximum. Choose Vox and make your indoor and outdoor, beautiful.


MS - 5030 Ground Flasher

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Solar Flame Light (Bollard)

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Solar Wall Lamp Tri-Series

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Neon Strip Light VT 3000K

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